„Arotena“ produces and carries forward transportation and storage facilities. The purpose of our products is to provide good and efficient conditions for transporting and storing various products. Each kind of production can be customized for transportation.


Catalog of products offered by UAB “Arotena”. Here you will find various examples of our products for transportation and storage. However, you can always contact us with your individual (non-standard) product requirements that we will make according to your business needs.


We provide our customers with only high-quality, all-standard products. Also, according to the wishes of the customer, we can produce non-standard goods that meet all the needs. We also provide other additional services that you will find in the list below.



Transportation equipment

We manufacture and market high-quality goods transportation.

Storage Facility

We manufacture and market durable storage devices.

Tin (up to 8 mm) cutting

With professional machine tools, we cut up a wide (up to 8 mm thick) blister.


Patrick welders will weld metal of various shapes according to your needs.

Galvanizing and Painting

We work on various metal surfaces by galvanizing and painting.

Manufacture of metal nets

We produce robust, high quality metal nets.

Metal cutting

Metal cutting according to your needs.

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Long-term experience

Long-term experience with local and international clients. Those who use not only standard services but also long-term customers of custom-made warehousing and transportation tools we manufacture.

Professional Equipment

We use both new and time-tested professional machines and other devices that ensure the quality of the products.

Professional and experienced team

The professional team of “Arotena” will cooperate with you and will ensure timely and qualitatively prepared products.