- Tubular bracket frames
- Wire-mesh frames
- Wooden flat pallets and frames
- Post pallets
- Warehouse shelves
- Folding wire-mesh boxes

Joint-Stock Company "Arotena" is a manufacturing and trading company in transportation and warehousing business sector. Our main task is to grant effective conditions for transportation and warehousings of the various goods. Practically, for each kind of production we are able to develop a solution for effective transportation.

Our containers and pallets make it possible to transport footwear, the grocery goods, glass, metal, cement and other products. This, at most cases, is necessary for shopping centers, warehouses, post offices, metals processing enterprises, where mass production takes place, etc.

The pallets and containers are designed so that all volume of a vehicle can be loaded. It allows to transport a lot of goods at once, and it increases efficiency of transportation.

Our products are made from metal and wood. These materials give durability to our products which can be used for many years. We use powder painting technology, i.e. components become covered by a polymeric powder. It improves quality of production and also resistance to influences from outside.

We are inviting you to get aquainted with the poduct catalogue and we are looking forward to a mutually beneficial cooperation.

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